1 to 1 Spiritual Courses

Are you looking to expand your spiritual toolkit? I offer 1:1 courses to fit around YOU! It’s not always easy to commit to the same day and time every week. As a result I have more time to focus my energy solely on you and your development. Each course consists of four one hour lessons over Zoom and are arranged around your schedule. The Spiritual Business Course/Oracle Card Course are also available fully online if you want to work through the material in your own time. Click here for online courses.

Starting A Spiritual Business Course £199

If you’re thinking about starting a spiritual business, my in depth course covers all the basics (practical set up, websites, all types of marketing and abundance mindset). Please click here for more details on the content and to book.

Oracle Card Course – £99

My oracle card course course teaches you how to do professional relationship, work, money and wellbeing readings for yourself and others. Please click here for more details and to book.

Oracle Card For Business Course – £99

My oracle card for business course teaches you how to do a range of business related card readings (eight different readings) to help your business to grow. You can also offer these to other businesses to help them to identify challenges and move forwards. Please click here for more details and to book.

Copywriting For Spiritual Business Course – £99

Would you like to improve your business writing skills and learn how to write to sell your products/services effectively? This course teaches you how to identify your ideal clients, as well as the main copywriting tools and techniques. Then learn how to apply these techniques to websites, social media, sales pages and blogs. Please click here for more details and to book.

Creativity & Spiritual Business Course – £99

In this course I show you how to develop your creative skills and talents to create new products and services. You’ll learn how to put together blogs, articles, press releases and other written work to appeal to potential clients and to promote your business. I also walk you through how to write your story. Writing a memoir is a great way to connect with new clients and introduce them to your work. You’ll also learn how to get creative with oracle card decks and create your own readings. Finally I teach you how to design your own courses, one to one and group programmes and how to create fun and engaging lessons.

Click here for more details and to book.