10 Card Business Readings

As a spiritual business coach, I always use oracle and tarot cards in my coaching sessions as they are so powerful and give accurate guidance to my clients. 

I wanted to offer a business reading not just to spiritual business owners but anyone that has a business. Being self-employed is like being on a rollercoaster, especially in the beginning as you’re getting yourself established. This reading is very reassuring and gives you guidance on:

  • Your Purpose or Calling 
  • How to bring your calling into your business 
  • How you can get the greatest fulfilment from your business
  • How to offer value to your customers
  • What products and services you could offer
  • Your short term business focus (next three months)
  • Your long term business focus (next six to twelve months)
  • The future potential for your business
  • New opportunities that exist
  • Where your business is heading over the next year 

This is a great reading for you if you’re new to your business and could do with some help in business planning, or if you want to grow and expand your business. 

The reading is sent via email within 72 hours of being ordered.