Creativity & Spiritual Business Course


In this course I help you to learn how to harness your creativity to earn money in your spiritual business and also how to be creative just for the hell of it! The course consists of 4 x 1 hour sessions which are organised to fit around you and your schedule.

Lesson 1 – Writing for Spiritual Business

In this lesson I teach you tools and techniques so that you can write articles, blogs and how to copywrite to promote your business and attract your ideal clients. There are many different tools and techniques involved in writing for your business, and I will share everything I’ve learned with you!

Lesson 2 – How To Write Your Story

I believe that we all have a book in us, and if you’re starting a spiritual business I’m sure that you’ve been on a pretty crazy journey! Sharing your story can really help you to connect with potential clients who are going through similar experiences. Here I share tools and techniques to create your memoir, from planning to writing techniques and self-publishing.

Lesson 3 – Oracle Card Reading for Creativity

Learning how to read oracle/tarot cards has massively improved my creativity and helped me to tap into guidance to access my hidden creative gifts and talents. In this session I teach you how to do card readings to uncover your creative gifts, and how you can help others to discover their creative talents through card reading.

Lesson 4 – Course Creation

If you’re on the spiritual path, you’ll have gained a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of spiritual topics that you can share with others to help them to move forwards. In this session I teach you how to package your knowledge into courses so that you can generate income as a spiritual teacher. You’ll learn how to create 1 to 1 and group programmes, how to use Canva to share information and teaching techniques that will help you to create engaging and unforgettable lessons! You’ll also learn how to create fully online courses using WordPress so your students can do courses in their own time, freeing up more time for you to work on your business.

You also receive an in-depth 10 card creativity reading (worth £49) when you purchase the course which will help you to identify your hidden creative gifts and how to use them to create the life of your dreams!

The course is just £149 – you can pay a deposit and then the balance of the payment closer to the start date of the course.


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