Card Readings

I’m absolutely passionate about giving accurate, detailed readings to my card reading clients!

In 2015 I became interested in oracle cards, and started reading for myself, friends and family. Then I started to read cards professionally on a psychic line for eighteen months. Here I gained a lot of experience reading for a wide variety of people on different issues.

By far the most popular readings were relationship readings, and I became experienced in reading for clients around all relationship issues. I also specialise in Twin Flame readings – the Twin Flame connection can cause a lot of confusion and unhappiness for those in the situation and I believe that knowledge is key when it comes to coping with it.

Now my most popular reading is a Spiritual Business reading. This in-depth card reading is great if you’re just starting a spiritual business or if you already have one but you’re feeling stuck and need some guidance to move forwards. The guidance that comes through covers the next twelve months – you’ll receive information around products and services you can offer, challenges, new opportunities as well as short term and long term goals.

I also offer work and life purpose readings to help people who are struggling at work, not sure what to do next, unemployed, bored at work, stressed at work, you name it! Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees and everything becomes too overwhelming, Work-related stress and mental health issues are the most common reason for sickness absence in the UK. I’m here to help you whatever work-related situation you’re in and pride myself on providing accurate readings.

Money worries are another common issue, with lots of issues being linked into long-held beliefs that we’ve had since childhood. My money and abundance readings help you to look at your situation with fresh eyes, and understand things from a different perspective to turn things around.

I have created a mental health and wellbeing reading for clients who are struggling in that area and would benefit from some advice around self-care and how to feel better.

You can also have a mixed reading if there are a few different issues in different life areas going on, for example you can have a mixed relationship, work and money reading to look into how things are going to look over the next few months.

Readings are sent by e-mail – you’ll receive a rather lovely five to six page PDF which goes into lots of detail and I try and infuse humour into my readings as much as possible! Readings are also possible over Zoom if you would prefer to have a live reading.