Spiritual Business Coaching

As a Spiritual Business Coach I can help you at any stage of business set up. If you’re just starting on the path and need guidance around which direction to go in, I’m here to help. If you’re ready to work with clients then I’m here to walk you through and help you to implement the practical aspects of setting up your business, such as:

  • Practical set up (registering as self-employed, insurance, pensions etc)
  • Website advice (layout, copywriting)
  • Social Media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)
  • Copywriting (for websites, e-newsletters, blogs, social media)
  • Abundance mindset and attracting clients

fI can also help you to work through subconscious blocks which are holding you back from your highest potential. In order to do this work I have had to work through a lot of my own blocks (mainly around worth, money and success) which is an ongoing process. This is ongoing work which is why I work with a spiritual coach myself to feel supported.

I believe that being a spiritual/heart-centred business owner is a deep spiritual path which will lead you to face your deepest blocks and experience massive growth in this lifetime. Your business is the vehicle that your soul has chosen to express itself this time around! It’s likely that your an empath and highly sensitive, as well as loving, giving and value being of service. Unfortunately these qualities can sometimes work against us, making it difficult to charge what we’re worth, reach more people and feel worthy without outside approval. It’s important for us to carry on working on our blocks – we can have a shiny website, gorgeous social media posts and clever copywriting but without the inner work a lot of those things are worthless.

People I work with:

  • Anyone who has left a traditional career, had a spiritual awakening a result and is confused about their purpose and what they’re really here to do
  • People who have been on the spiritual path for a while, have done various qualifications and training but are looking for support as they step up to create their own spiritually based business
  • Spiritual business owners who have hit a block and need support to work through it and grow their business

Issues that I can help with:

  • Identifying childhood trauma and working through associated blocks (worthiness, fear of failure, fear of success)
  • Setting healthy boundaries and learning to say no/wellbeing/work life balance
  • Challenging limiting beliefs and reframing the inner critic
  • Playing small, undercharging, visibility issues and self-sabotaging
  • Stop going around in circles and setting clear goals (with accountability)

By working with me you’ll:

  • Gain clarity around your direction/life purpose and next steps to take
  • Feel equipped to take the practical steps to set up your business
  • Improve your marketing skills and work through any visibility blocks
  • Let go of scarcity mindset and move into a more abundant flow
  • Improve thinking patterns and develop empowering habits
  • Find solutions to your problems faster by learning coping strategies and tools
  • Learn from failure and success to move forwards
  • Be able to serve a greater number of people

I offer two extended sessions (over an hour) including an intuitive business card reading for £111. I also offer a thirty minute discovery call to establish whether we would work well together.

Please click on the Book Now button below to book a single session or four sessions. Please contact me at debbie@debbiestokoe.co.uk to book a discovery session.