If you’ve read my about page, you can see that I’ve had a right faff with mental health (even that’s an understatement). I’ve tried a million types of meds, been an in patient in a psych ward and tried too many healing modalities to mention here. I’ve written a book about my struggles as I know that others will have experienced burnout and depression due to stressful jobs, and have been forced to look into ways to heal, like me. I don’t want anyone else to spend years feeling terrible and lost like I did.

Self-Employment is its own spiritual path, and a challenging one at that. You will encounter challenges that make you face up to your limiting beliefs. You may go through numerous dark nights of the soul as you let go of things that no longer serve you. You may try many different types of business until you find something that feels really aligned (I have had numerous therapy rooms and was a freelance copywriter before I started this business – a ten year journey with many ups and downs).

I am offering this coaching to try and help you to avoid the many missteps and wrong turns that can happen when you venture into business. Yes, some mistakes are unavoidable and necessary for your growth. But I’d like to think that I can help you with the practical side of your business, as well as helping you to stay well whilst your doing it. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with technology, burnout due to all the different hats you have to wear and want to give up at various points. I learnt the hard way and now have weekly support from my own coach, which has helped me massively.

Each session involves a business/wellbeing reading (whatever you need at that particular time) as well as targeted support for any specific issues that you may be facing (limiting beliefs, mental health challenges, burnout, overwhelm etc).

I want to keep coaching affordable as I have recently worked with coaches who pride themselves on doing the same. A two hour in-depth session is just £99.

I would be honoured to support you as you step into your soul purpose!

Debbie x

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