Copywriting (or writing to sell) is an essential skill that you need to have to write effective web pages, social media posts and other business related writing, with the main goal of attracting your ideal clients and converting them to customers.

If you’re an empath or highly sensitive person (which is highly likely if you have a spiritual business) then you’ve probably been put off by traditional advertising and the fear-based methods that companies have used for years to scare people into buying things. You might be repelled by anything too “salesy” and want to avoid selling altogether (I don’t blame you)!

Luckily there is a way to attract ideal clients with words and stay authentic! Authentic copywriting involves using love-based techniques – offering your products and services to help people to move away from pain respectfully, and not by filling them with fear. You can use words to reach the perfect clients for you without having to do the hard sell or use techniques that you don’t feel comfortable with.

This course involves four one-hour lessons and by the end you’ll be a copywriting expert! I’ve crammed in everything I learned in my three years of freelance copywriting for a wide range of companies, including a yoga and wellbeing company in the US, holistic therapists, yoga teachers, tour guides, personal trainers, reiki healers and more!

Find out more about the course content below:

Lesson 1 – What is authentic copywriting and how to identify your ideal client

Lesson 2 – Copywriting techniques – AIDCA, FAB, WIIFM, Pain Points, Storytelling, Tone of Voice, Editing and Proofreading

Lesson 3 – Copywriting for your website, sales pages and e-newsletters

Lesson 4 – Copywriting for social media

I offer the course for groups and also 1:1 to fit around your needs. I’m offering it at just ¬£99 in January and February 2022 as an introductory price, then it will go up to ¬£199 thereafter.

I’d love to help you to write effectively to attract your ideal clients and share your gifts and talents with the world!

Debbie x