Copywriting Services

Are you thinking about launching a website but you’re not confident about writing your web pages or how to write about your services to attract your ideal clients? 

Are you struggling with social media posts and not sure how to caption them so that they get noticed? 

Do e-newsletters leave you feeling stressed out? Do you send them but they’re not being opened or not getting any interaction? 

I’m here to help! Before I was a coach, I was a freelance copywriter for three years (I was also employed as a copywriter before that for a sales company). What is copywriting, you might ask? Basically it’s writing to sell, and using a variety of tools and techniques in your sales copy that appeal to your ideal clients and help you to make the sale. (Not to be confused with copyright with is to do with legal protection of your work).

My copywriting services include:

  • Website copy
  • Landing/sales pages
  • Social media copy
  • E-newsletter copy
  • Press releases
  • Copyediting (editing any copy that you’ve already created)
  • Articles about your business
  • Help to write your book (ghostwriting)

My previous clients include holistic therapists, reiki practitioners, website designers, yoga teachers, personal trainers and even a big wellbeing company in the US. I now specialise in copywriting for spiritual or heart-based businesses (I was an holistic therapist so I get how hard it can be to market ourselves when all we want to do is the work we love).

Most traditional businesses are built on a foundation of fear, and you can see that in their marketing and copy (copy is another word for text). A lot of their copywriting comes from a fear-based perspective, using negative emotions like guilt, fear and shame to push people into buying. 

Love-based businesses come from a foundation of love and peace, and their marketing allows potential customers to make a choice – we educate them about our products and services and allow them to make a choice to buy or not buy. We share about our gifts and have faith that the right customers will come to us. We also detach from the outcome to avoid feeling stressed that no-one will buy what we’re offering. My copywriting comes from a love-based perspective, which attracts, inspires and invites prospective clients to become your ideal clients.  

So if your website copy is wilting, your Facebook ads are floundering, or your newsletters aren’t nifty, just get in touch! I want to help as many spiritual business owners as possible so my prices reflect that. Please contact me about your project (I price each project individually).

I also offer a package with a web designer to take care of your web design and the copywriting if you’d like the whole thing to be taken care of without the stress! 

Debbie x