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  • Oracle Card Reading Course


      It’s a four week course consisting of sixty minute long weekly tutorials, teaching you how to connect with the…

  • Business Strategy 10 Card Reading


    You might have had card readings in the past for relationship issues, money problems or help with a situation at work. But what about getting some spiritual guidance when it comes to your business? In the beginning, we can feel like everything is a struggle as we try and get out there in front of our ideal clients. Trying to find a balance between marketing, working with clients, self-development and self-care can seem overwhelming. Or you may have been in business for a while and hit a wall. A business strategy reading can you help you to understand your current challenges and move forwards!

    My business readings give guidance around the following areas:

    • Your strengths
    • Your blocks and how to overcome them
    • Short term and long term goals
    • Opportunities
    • Current challenges
    • Future energy

    Often it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees if we’re running on empty, or putting lots of offerings out there but not getting much back. A business strategy reading gives you the chance to take a step back and get some perspective, get some reassurance about what you’re doing right, and some answers about what’s not working and why. You’ll also receive guidance on the energy of the next few months.

    Business strategy readings are just £30 and are sent to you by email up to 72 hours after booking.


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    Work / Life Purpose Card Readings – 10 Card


    Work plays a huge part of our lives and if we’re not happy in our work, it very quickly has a knock-on effect on all other areas of our lives. A lot of people are waking up to the fact that work should be enjoyable and fulfilling and not just a daily grind – is that you? I help people with many different areas related to work and life purpose, including:

    • Unemployment and finding a new job

    • Struggling to find life purpose

    • Work/life balance issues

    • Unhappy with current job – bored or stressed/feels like there’s more to life

    • Wanting to become self-employed

    • Worried about work/business

    • Issues at work – bullying/politics

    If you’re looking for guidance on a number of areas, you can have a three card work/life purpose reading alongside other areas as a mixed reading (see mixed readings for more details).

    So if you have questions around any work-related area I’m here to help! I offer a 10 card in-depth work reading by email (sent to you within 72 hours of ordering