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    In-Depth Year Ahead Business Reading


    Have you had a bit of a tumultuous year? Feeling a bit apprehensive about the year ahead? Towards the end of every year I give myself an in-depth twelve card reading to give me guidance around the energy of each month of the coming year and what it means for my business. I love seeing the themes that come up, if there is an overall theme per season and getting a heads up about the challenges and good stuff coming in! I always say have this reading a few months before the new year so you can use it to properly plan ahead.

    I love doing these readings for clients – I’ve been doing them for a few years and enjoy getting positive feedback about their accuracy! When you order, you’ll receive an in-depth PDF reading by email that you can print out and refer to each month, and an audio recording if you prefer to listen.

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    Five Card Mini Reading


    This is a great, inexpensive way to work with me! You can choose a shorter, five card/thirty minute reading with…