A few reasons why it’s great to be single over the festive season…

I’m not bitter. Honest!

1) You don’t get annoyed when your other half’s parents just go and get you what they think you want instead of something you asked for, then asking for the gift receipt starts a full scale war.

2) You don’t spend Christmas day fuming at the lack of attention from a tech obsessed boyfriend, in a semi-orgasmic state over his new toys.

3) You don’t need to deal with a drunk boyfriend telling your work colleagues exactly how unhappy he is at the office Christmas party

4) You don’t have the hassle of dividing up Christmas Day to look like a school timetable or the flowchart from hell, trying to please everybody by making sure that all family members are seen.

5) You don’t have to shell out for expensive tech presents and can spend your money in the sales on the designer that you’ve been coveting all year

6) You get to do guilt-free eggnogling (checking out cute guys over the festive period) and have spontaneous fun whenever your want.

7) You get to swan about London/Paris/Edinburgh (substitute for any fabulous shopping city) on your own terms – no compromises/no petty arguments

Don’t get in the dumps, celebrate!!!!!!


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