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Be mine? (I’m asking the clothes)

How dare I buy in to such a commercial money-spinning event?


I’m not…I’m simply choosing to find clothes and accessories that fit with the Valentine theme. (Burberry heart shirt anyone? I liked it until Harry Styles wore it).  In other words things with hearts. I love hearts. I also love Lovehearts. I like love and hearts. I especially like street art that involves hearts. When I see a random heart it uplifts me and makes me happy, even though I know it’s a commerical symbol. I also like anatomical heart drawings.  I’m not too bothered about hearts and flowers. But I do like hearts and winter florals.  The heart is a confusing subject, so let’s concentrate on the clothes, shall we?

lanvin gown

Lanvin gown

comme2     viv shoes



Pamela Love Human heart

moschino brogue

Moschino brogues

moschino hEAR TUNIC            miu miu1


heart tights

Asos tights

Remember to wear your heart on your sleeve 🙂

Other related products catching my eye:

moschino amaretto

Moschino Disaronno


Love heart post it notes (Topshop)

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