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Bongo’s Bingo – Newcastle

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I last went to Bongo’s Bingo at the Boiler Shop in Newcastle.  Like I’ve said in my previous posts, where the hell has the time gone? And why did I leave it so long? It’s honestly the best night out ever. Think rave bingo. Dancing on benches (they don’t advise it but you can’t help yourself). Lots of booze. And hot dogs (oh the hot dogs). And crazy prizes (we all need a Henry Hoover. And the money). 
Euphoria, serious bingo and rave breaks – par for the course at Bongo’s Bingo

During the festive period the shows are Beauty and the Beast themed (hence the name Bongo and the Beast) – there are cut-outs of the enchanted staff in the Beast’s Castle (Lumiere, Mrs Potts and Cogworth) and clips playing on the big screen throughout, as well as host Mickey Pickles and his dancer mates dressed up panto-style (you can’t beat a cross-dressing Belle). And you can relive your youth too – special guests S Club 7 join the shows between Christmas and New Year.

Somebody is happy to win!
So how does it work? It’s pretty simple. When you go in, you get a bingo book and pen. After the crowd is warmed up and everyone’s hyper (and often already pretty drunk) the Caller goes through the rules (on each card you play for a line, two lines and a full house in that order). Be careful not to jump the gun, or you’ll get mass abuse from 700 bingo-crazed people. If more than one person has a legitimate call, you will be expected to enter a dance-off (which is often determined by where you’re from). Usually for a line you win something pretty random, like a cardboard cutout, two lines means you get a bottle of spirits and for a full house, you can win cold, hard cash. None of this is easy, especially if you’ve been pre-drinking and you’re more bothered about dancing than checking your numbers. 
Bongo’s Bingo is perfect for a Christmas party or birthday night out!
It was a bit of a struggle to make notes as it happened, but I have hazy memories of dancing on a bench to Westlife (I’m not ashamed to know all the words to “When You’re Looking Like That), Live Aid’s ‘Feed The World,” the classic Chesney Hawkes hit “I Am The One And Only” and my favourite part, a medley from The Greatest Showman. And obviously best Christmas hit of all time, by Mariah. There were four people in a dance off and I was screaming at the lone guy to strip (the Jagerbombs had kicked in at that point). The smell of the hot dogs at one point was excruciating (I try to be vegetarian but I caved). By the time it came the last game came around, with a grand prize of ¬£1,000 for a full house I was completely determined to win. I just needed two numbers for a full house. But it wasn’t to be. And to be honest by that point I didn’t really care, I was having way too much fun. And I’m so tempted to go back for more in a couple of weeks time. Oh, I just remembered that somebody won a massive toy unicorn. I really wanted that unicorn. Maybe next time.

For more information on Bongo’s Bingo in Newcastle and all shows nationwide please visit the Bongo’s Bingo website.

* I received tickets and a bottle of Prosecco in exchange for a review 

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