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Bonnie & The Bonnettes Christmas Spectacular – Live Theatre

Is it bad that I don’t fancy a traditional panto this year? Yes, pantos are great but I’m always on the lookout for alternative Christmas shows – improvised panto, that type of thing. So look no further if you’re looking for a show that’s a bit different and hilarious to boot.

Manager Kim’s on a rant 

The crazed lovechild of Bonnie & The Bonnettes (theatre company/drag+ cabaret trio) and Your Aunt Fanny (all female comedy sketch group), this Christmas Spectacular gives us an insight into the mythical Gosforth Office Christmas Party which starts off, like many office parties being a bit rubbish, but then descends into chaos when Middle Manager Kim (Lydia Brickland) drunkenly sends, lets just say an unprofessional email to the big boss. People pleaser Holly (Katy Powell) has put in months of effort organising the party (complete with vegan quiches) which was never going to go to plan. Failed DJ from Napa Stacey is dropping the beats and developing feelings for the foul-mouthed yet loveable Carol. Naive Penny (Brogan Gilbert) isn’t quite sure why she’s there and speaks a language no one else understands (social media). Ivy (Matilda Neill) is the office bitch, unable to feel emotions and shagging the big boss, to Holly’s dismay. Chain smoking office matriarch Lynne (Cameron Sharp) has seen it all (she’s been there since the war, after all). And last but definitely not least Lorraine (Hattie Eason), the put upon one in every office who quietly seethes in the background whilst agreeing to do everyone else’s work. 

Lynne and Lorraine (don’t ask)

What follows is truly spectacular, complete with hilarious one-liners, killer dance routines, deeply moving lipsynchs (!) and a mad dash to erase the offending email from existence via IT, breaking and entering and a run in with Security. Who will take the wrap? High points for me were every dance routine, Lorraine’s transition from office bore to the life and soul of the party, anything Penny says, the scenes with IT and Security and Lynne’s epic lip synch. Kim’s rendition of My Way isn’t bad either. To be fair the whole show is a high point, and  the standing ovation was well deserved. 

Bonnie & Fanny’s Christmas Spectacular is at the Live Theatre, Newcastle until Thursday 23rd December. Tickets £10 – £20 (£6 concessions). Book here for belly laughs! 

It was so good I think I’ll go again! 

Debbie xx

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