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Halloween Hot Spots (Newcastle)

Still haven’t decided where to go to celebrate the spookiest, kookiest night of the year? Here’s some ideas (I can’t decide so I’m going to both Boulevard and Lane 7). Have a ghoul time! (groan)
Lane 7

Rocky Horror should always be involved in some respect at Halloween, and luckily Lane 7 has embraced the legendary musical as its theme this year. Even if you haven’t seen the film, you can easily get costume ideas from Youtube and Pintrest. You might even want to do your own version and take inspiration from other areas to avoid being just another Frank-N-Furter, Riff Raff, Columbia or Magenta. You can book bowling, karaoke and pool in advance for when you get sick of dancing, and enjoy delicious food and inventive cocktails. With spooky tunes courtesy of DJ Lauren Archer and The Curator, it’s bound to be hair-raising.


Even though the show has been open since September, it’s always good to go on Halloween itself to experience the madcap comedy, dancing and high-jinx that is the Boulevard Halloween Show, aptly titled “A Nightmare on Churchill Street.” Watch Betty Legs Diamond, compere Miss Rory and the dancers as they recreate the best of Halloween, taking inspiration from the scariest films and music videos around!

World Headquarters

Get ready for the Two Day Halloween Spookathon at the best club in Newcastle, with its legendary best costume contest. You can now enter twice and go on 31st October and 1st November in two different outfits! If you are a little bit out there you’ll certainly fit in well at WHQ, their Halloween nights are known to attract the craziest and most out of the box outfits in Newcastle!

The Boiler Shop

If you’re looking for something a little different to the usual Halloween celebrations, check out the Boiler Shop. The people behind the popular Vamos! Festival are bringing La Dia de los Meurtos to Newcastle  – think Mariachi music, Mexican Wrestling and Latino food! Anyone with an interest in Latin America culture or all things Mexican will love this event, which calls for your best face painting efforts to get that perfect skull look.

Star & Shadow Cinema

It’s the 5th birthday of the queer Indie disco that is Poke on Halloween, so lots of reasons to celebrate. They’re also showing The Rocky Horror Picture show the night before just to get you in the mood, so get along to both if you’re looking for something laid back and hip. The film is also a UNICEF fundraiser so you can do your bit whilst howling your head off. Dress up both nights if you dare.

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