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Milan Fashion Week (Part 2)

From the sublime to the ridiculous(ly cool) – Andiamo!!!!


mos1 mos2 mos3 mos4 mos5 mos6

What can I say?

Bling a ding ding

Chanel on crack  – McDo????!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Golden Arches as a heart!

The classic belt as a dress!

Crisp packets dresses!

nutritional info wedding dress!



I haven’t used this many exclamation marks writing about any other designer!

Denim, gold and PVC

All hail Jeremy Scott!

Emporio Armani

armani1 armani2 armani3 armani4 armani5

BIG bowler hats

Oversized pearls


The suit


Cat loafer brogues



sport1 sport2 sport3 sport4

Colourpop graphic prints

Splatter jacquard

|Techni-coloured mohair coats

Animal print


Classic + animal print detail

Great classic belts

V necks cut to the chest

Jackson Pollock


ver1 ver2 ver3 ver4

Bias cutting

Silk and satin

Military Button frenzy – soldier chic

Stunningly detailed boots

Asymmetric hems

Turquoise, mustard and red

Big furs

Mini skirts

Fringe benefits

Bling a ding ding

Embellish + fringe + studs cocktail dresses (micro-sheaths)

Bottega Veneta

bv bv2A bv4   bv3

A masterclass in cutting

Colourful puzzle pieces


Sweaters and skirts

Beautifully cut dresses

Graphic greatness

Understated elegance

Trompe l’oeil pleats

Amazing spike backed heels

It’s not over yet – look out for Part 3!!!!!


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