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My current Fendi obsession…

I’m more than happy with my one of my new Christmas presents – Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld came out in September and I immediately put it straight on my list. Published by Steidl, this beautiful tome (actually it’s more like a design project) celebrates the half-a-century long collaboration between the inimitable artistic director and the luxury Italian fashion house. A box arrived emblazoned with his name, and inside I discovered a gorgeous sketchpad which includes 137 of Karl’s instantly recognisable sketches as well as logo designs for the house, a DVD of his short films, and booklets of exclusive interviews. All of these goodies were packaged in a wooden case resembling a box of oil pastels (they can always be found on his desk). I can’t wait to find out more about his design process, and the influences which has led to diverse collections featuring medieval armour to monsters. What better way to commemorate the longest collaboration ever between a design and fashion house, this (anti) Pandora’s box definitely captures the essence of a working relationship that’s been going strong since 1965.

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