Intuitive Spiritual Business Mentorship


Intuitive Spiritual Business Mentoring

Sessions combining business coaching, teaching on a variety of business areas and intuitive card readings

I’m excited to announce my latest offering which combines my three main offerings into one powerful package! As you may know my three main core offerings are 1 to 1 spiritual business courses, spiritual business coaching and in-depth spiritual business readings.

You may find that you need to increase your knowledge of a particular area as you grow your business, so a structured course can help you develop in that area. You might decide you need some extra practical support and decide to have some traditional business coaching sessions for a period of time. Or you may be feeling overwhelmed or lost and choose an in-depth spiritual business reading every so often to receive guidance on how to move forward.

Over the past few months I have discovered that by combining my offerings in each coaching session the results are more potent and my clients are moving forward very quickly. Each session combines aspects of my spiritual business courses if you need structured help in that particular area, intuitive coaching to help you to work through any blocks you have and finally mini card readings to identify areas that you need to work on and receive guidance from your spirit guides.

I aim to keep my sessions affordable to help as many people as possible – two 1 hour sessions are £111.


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