Signs you have fallen victim to January…


1) You blame the evil feeders at work for offloading their unwanted chocs – they are the ones ruining your attempts to shape up!

2) You try to use your foreign currency cash card in the vain hope that there’s a tenner on it because you are so skint.

3) You curse yourself for not putting money away each month last year so you weren’t in this situation now.

4) You try to sell your life on Ebay so you can afford sale items and this year’s wardrobe.

5) You take back the shoes and bags you bought in a sales frenzy because you have to cover your bills (which you conveniently forgot about) – talk about ultra depressing (those berry brogues were beautiful).

6) You keep trying to pay for stuff in Euros after breaking the bank on your New Year’s Eve jaunt abroad and now your wallet is Peuroed (mixture of pounds and euros).

7) the thought of buying a onesie actually crossed your mind for a millisecond because you want to hibernate – but you said you were going to go to the theatre/live music/arts events!!!

Don’t be too hard on yourself in January!!!!

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