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Ice, Ice Baby – Newcastle Stack Grey Goose Ice Bar

I don’t need a huge amount of cajoling to go to a bar launch, so when I was invited to the new Grey Goose Ice Bar at Stack Newcastle I put aside my aversion to being cold for any length of time.(Luckily in this case it’s only twenty minutes). This year there’s a New York City theme featuring ice sculptures designed by Glacial Art, the team behind the Game of Thrones Ice Throne no less. 
My best friend didn’t need convincing to check it out either, so we layered up and headed to Stack  – you can find the Ice Bar on the ground floor of the shipping container village near the stage. I was wondering if you’d have to wear a spaceman style ice suit, but instead there were big furry yeti coats and gloves on hand because you guessed it, it’s very cold (-10 degrees to be exact). Hence why you’re only allowed in their for twenty minutes to avoid hypothermia setting in (I’m not sure how the bar staff cope). We were given vouchers for an ice shot in the bar and a hot chocolate afterwards (I’d like to personally thank the person who included the hot chocolate). The standard adult £10/£15 ticket includes entry, jacket and glove hire, an alcoholic or non-alcoholic ice shot and hot chocolate. 
Ice Bar Newcastle
A couple of M&Ms
After I got over my slight embarrassment of looking like a yeti I marvelled at the skill of the ice sculptors, who had managed to encase a myriad of New York-related objects in ice, including the infamous Sex and the City blue Manolos, New York Knicks basketballs and even Tiffany jewellery (I hope the security is good because that diamond ring is stunning). Famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building are also expertly sculpted, alongside a Friends themed seat and M&M characters. Even the bar is made of ice! We sipped our delicious toffee flavoured shots sitting on a rug covered ice seat, quickly realising that we couldn’t feel our faces but who cares, because we were effectively in an art gallery made of ice. Top tip – don’t take your gloves off for too long whilst taking photos because it basically hurts. As well as shots there are also three cocktails to choose from (Espresso Martini, xxxxxxx) and other drinks. After twenty minutes you’re politely asked to leave, when you step aside it’s akin to stepping off a plane in a hot country. Then don’t forget to get your hot chocolate, and start to feel your extremities again.
Ice Bar Newcastle
The ever popular Friends sofa
Ticket prices vary depending on whether you go at peak time (Friday to Sunday) or off peak (Monday  to Thursday) and you can book in advance online. Off peak adult tickets are £10, which go up to £15 on a weekend. The premium adult ticket includes a glass of prosecco or a bottle of beer (£15/£20). Children over seven can also go along for £6 and enjoy a non-alcoholic shot before 8.30pm. Family tickets for two adults and two children are also available for £30 off peak/£38 peak. Student tickets are £8. The Ice Bar is also available for private hire for up to forty guests. 
Ice Bar Newcastle
Lady Liberty
The Grey Goose Ice Bar is open from 23rd January to Sunday 22nd March 2020.
For ticket prices and to book click here 
*Thank you to Jam Marketing for two complimentary tickets

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