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Love Le Labo…

I’ve fallen in love with a product line that I discovered through a friend who had been to a hotel in New York and bagged some miniatures by Le Labo, a New York based fragrance company which sources its ingredients from Grasse, France (no wonder I like everything so much). It’s for serious fragrance connoisseurs who are bored of the market being saturated by synthetic same-y scents and are looking for fragrance with soul. I love everything about the brand, the marketing, packaging, the beautiful rose scented shampoo and shower gel which has seriously transformed my life (the scent left on your skin/hair and in the room is divine). 
Their fragrance is inspired. Each perfume is built around a main ingredient, most of which are essential oils (rose, neroli, orange blossom, sandalwood, ylang ylang to name but a few). Rose 31, Jasmin 17, Neroli 36 are just a handful of scents on offer (the number denotes the number of ingredients which have been combined in each one). There are fourteen base scents. Interestingly Rose 31 is unisex, and smells gorgeous on a man (I tested it), somehow managing to be both masculine and feminine at the same time. So are many others. The rules don’t really apply to these fragrances. 

They also have matching product ranges for each scent (shampoo, body lotion, body oil and soap), candles and home scents, travel sets, perfume oils and balms for when you’re on the go, and portable diffusers called amulets which can be refilled which make great gifts. 
They have stand alone shops in the most capital cities around the world and the products are also available in stores such as Liberty London and Colette in Paris. For those of you out there that really want something different, there are fragrances that are exclusive to major cities and which are only available in store in those cities (Paris has Vanille 44, London has Poivre 23). 
The brand has also exclusively collaborated with hyper trendy AnOther magazine to create Another 13  which came about on the initiative of Sarah from Colette (THE best shop in Paris) and the Editor, Jefferson Hack (ex of Kate Moss). It is animal musk-tastic and I can’t wait to smell it (just waiting for the samples to arrive). They originally only produced 500 bottles but carried on making it due to popular demand (and to avoid a possible stampede which would wreck Colette, and that wouldn’t be cool). 
Check out the website and find it where you can. You won’t be disappointed. Also fill out the Proustian questionnaire which will help you to determine the scent for you. 
Let me know if you’ve tried it!

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