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No Sleep ‘Til Scotland

I’m excited to be doing a little bit of reviewing work at No Sleep ‘Til Scotland – a spoken word marathon of nine pre-Fringe shows at the Alphabetti Theatre on New Bridge Street West in the centre of Newcastle.  It’s a fab opportunity to watch a boat load of new work from a host of talented performers for very little cost – it’s free to get in and donation based, what’s not to love? Here’s a run down of what’s going on: 

12pm  JENNI PASCOE with ‘Workie Ticket’
How many times can you fall on your feet and get the cream before you get to your ninth life?

1.15pm MATT MACDONALD with ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’
Remember when you were scared of the dark? You soon will…fairy tales – with no happily ever after.

2.30pm HENRY RABY with ‘Up The Nerd Punks!’
Henry dissects friendship, growing up, protest, feminism and dinosaurs. Think Joe Strummer battling a Tory-voting Darth Vader.

3:45pm AGNES TOROK with ‘If You’re Happy And You Know It – Take This Survey’
A show about pursuing and finding happiness in strange and scientific places.

5:00pm HANNAH CHUTZPAH with ‘Asking Nicely’

All about the power dynamics of permission and politeness – with rhymes and reasons. Contains: feminism, funnies, psychology, sociology, wit and wordplay.

6.15pm DAVID LEE MORGAN with ‘Building God’
Communism or Oblivion? London, UK and BBC slam poetry champion spits over music tracks produced and mixed by CloudFistConceptz.

7:45pm SARA HIRSCH with ‘How Was It For You?’
A hilariously awkward, poetic unravelling of what it is to be single for the first time since being a teenager.

9:00pm AJ MCKENNA with ‘The Howl Of The Bantee’
An angry trans lesbian poet bashes back at Banter Culture.

10:15pm SOPHIA WALKER with ‘Cult Friction’
When cult tactics meet Apple’s marketing machines, can Jane Fonda and a belieber save us? From BBC Slam Champion Sophia Walker.

There’s also the chance to do some open mic (you can sign up at 11am), play some tunes on the Busker’s Stage, grab some snacks at the Courtyard BBQ and boogie away later on when the DJ starts up. 

Check out the FB link here

Have a great day if you can make it!!!

Debbie x

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