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Reh@b – Baltic Pop-Up Shop (Newcastle)

Another pop up shop, I hear you bemoan, bored with trendy people jumping on the bandwagon, trying to get us to buy the latest fad. I think it’s difficult to dismiss homeware pop ups so easily, as often there are some really quirky finds and unique ideas for Christmas presents.  And most of us need all the help we can get with that!
Even though the people of Newcastle are spoilt for choice gift-wise, with the Baltic Shop for creative types (I defy you to go in there and not buy anything) – it mainly offers arts gifts and books. So I was pleasantly surprised when I visited recently and found a new homeware store opposite the gift shop (it used to be a space for limited editions, which have now moved into the gift shop). REh@B is the brainchild of former fashion designers Simon Young and Jenny Vaughan, who have owned a store full of quirky colourful homeward, as well as upcycled and recycled products in Corbridge since 2003. The eclectic Re concept has gone from strength to strength since the initial idea in 2002, winning Homes and Gardens Retailer of the Year 2011. They’ve also had a pop-up store in Liberty and expanded their already mind boggling range which includes everything from glassware to decorative iconography! 
REh@B, (which is shorthand for RE Home at Baltic) is chock-full of a fantastic range of homeware and great gifts for Christmas, featuring sought after products from their REgd. range.  I especially liked the rusted metal decorations (Eiffel Tower and crowns included), beautifully upholstered French style chairs, colourful weaved laundry bags and cool map covered cushions. The recycled teapots would look great in a funky apartment as well. The oversized French mugs remind me of the bowls I used to drink hot chocolate from when I went to France as a kid. Here is a small selection of what’s available so get there while you can (the store will disappear in January).


Reh@b is open seven days a week at Baltic, from 10-6.

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