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The KL fashion bullet train shoots on – new fragrance launch!


I have ran out of perfume. This situation annoys me because I obviously realise that I am running out as it is possible to see, yet I still procrastinate about what I should get next. I never get the same one consecutively and keep all of my bottles in shoeboxes. My favourite, measured by the one I have bought numerous times is Lolita Lempicka (the original one that smells like liquorice and aniseed). I despise fruity fragrances and think all celebrity scents should be buried in a mass grave or boycotted at prototype stage. I prefer classic brands and can’t stand how the market has been flooded with synthetic rubbish which smells like bubblegum and youths. One of my favourite books is Perfume, by Patrick Suskind. I once sold perfume  and was pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. I had a knack for choosing what suited people from a few snippets of information about them. (I think I’ll write a separate perfume blog to stop me from going off topic and harping on here).

I’m not sure if I have adequately expressed my love for all things KL on here before (If I haven’t it’s on my to-do list). I have dressed up as him twice for Halloween parties and never tire of it. I recently bought his book “The World According to Karl” which is genius. My dream job would be his assistant  – I don’t care where I come in the pecking order. I would feed his cat if I had to.  I never tire of admiring his work rate and rejuvenation of/complete commitment to the Chanel cause, as well as his other work with Fendi and his own eponymous label. Yesterday I had a small fit in TK Maxx when I found a KL black tuxedo jacket with the well known face lining – for £99! I think he is one of the most talented people living on the planet today. I know some people might think he is a pretentious, anti-social oddball. Call him what you want, but you can’t knock the talent.


Everyone knows Chanel’s classic fragrances, but most people haven’t come across KL’s own brand scents before (to be honest, that’s not a bad thing as a lot were produced in the 80s and 90s and aren’t very memorable). Sun, Moon & Stars or the brilliantly named Karleidoscope anyone? So when I saw the trademark mysterious marketing campaign hyping up his latest foray into scent, I was pretty excited. The campaign drip fed the shape of the bottle but kept everything else under wraps, with lots of his trademark black leather glove motifs thrown in to boot. He’s appealing to a younger audience with a trendy new karl.com website, who sat up and took notice of his streetwear at Paris Fashion Week. There’s also Emotikarls to play with when you download the app so you can send codewords made out of his famous gloves.


With a tagline of “fashion for the nose” – were you expecting him to be modest??? – it’s being sold exclusively at Harrods from March 9th until March 23rd (it goes nationwide on March 24th) and starts at £32 for a weirdly sized 25ml bottle. The bottle has a classic, signature style – minimalist, uncomplicated, unapologetic. Men and women are both catered for, of course – with a white packaged EDP for women and a black boxed EDT for men. Obviously Karl shot the marketing campaign photography himself and chose the models. He talks about the fact that fragrance should be seen as part of the fashion package – alongside clothing and accessorises. Buzzwords surrounding the scent include – rock and roll, sensual, desire, irresistible attraction – you get the picture. The male version has a core note of fern with lavender, madarin zest, crispy apple and violet leaves. It sounds like an amazing salad! The women are treated to a green floral with lemon, peach and, dare I say it, roses, magnolia and plumeria (florals). Hopefully they are just in the background. The base notes are woody and musky which should hopefully drown them out.

I’m off to London at the weekend, where I will stop procrastinating and get the female scent (unless I prefer the male one then I’ll just get that – I often wear YSL M7 for men). I’ll come back and update this with a mini review, and hopefully won’t be disappointed!


http://www.karlparfums.com/#bonus – nice little treat

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