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Best Christmas Baubles 2022

It’s always fun to see new creative baubles hit the shops each year. I love adding to my collection – I always check the tried and tested favourites and scout around for new designer makers. You can always rely on Paperchase, Rockett St George and Liberty to produce the goods, but it’s a good idea to support small businesses who often come up with the quirkiest ideas. 

Lucy Sparrow – Felt Decorations  (£10)

I came across Lucy’s designs when they flashed up on Not On The High Street. Who doesn’t love mini bottles of booze made out of felt? As well as all of the Christmas booze, Lucy has made felt Nurofen, cinnamon buns and Vicks Vapour Rub to adorn your tree.

Urban Outfitters Diet Coke decoration (£10)

I might get this for my sister so she can celebrate how much of it she drinks! This will definitely add some bling to your tree! 

Paperchase – Work From Home Santa (£10)

This years’ range includes peanut butter, guacamole, a French press and a Dairylea dunker but my personal favourite is the work from home Santa, summing up the last few years in a fun way. 

Rockett St George – Bowie decoration (£21)

Rockett St George celebrity baubles are a bit on the pricey side but worth it to add some extra glam to your decorations. They do two Bowie decorations but I chose this full body one because I like the suit and the Aladdin Sane vibe. The young Queen Elizabeth bauble would be a good investment too. 

Truffle Shuffle – Gizmo decoration (£11.99)

Who can resist the cuteness of Gizmo in a Santa hat draped with christmas lights? It’s a decent size (10cm) and hand painted. This is a great place to find gifts for film buffs – think Stormtroopers on candy canes, Harry Potter love potions and lots of Nightmare before Christmas decorations. 

John Lewis – Vinyl Player (£6)

I got my first vinyl player this year so I’m quiet partial to this one. Also in the nightlife range – a drum kit, jukebox, mixtape and a guitar. Good value and high quality.

Marks and Spencer – Wonders of the World set (£25)

A great gift for travel lovers! Go on a round the world trip without leaving your home with this Seven Wonders of the World set. Have you visited any? I might do a travel themed tree! 

Liberty London – Van Gogh Brush Decoration (£17.95)

A trip to the Liberty Christmas Shop is definitely a festive highlight. As a Van Gogh buff this caught my eye – OK it’s not massively Christmassy but a quirky, arty addition to your bauble collection. 

Harrods – Funfair Goldfish Tree Decoration (£22)

A bit random but just loved the quirkiness of it! Of course Harrods has many traditional decorations – you can also find Elton John glasses, popcorn and a box of four geometric checked Prada baubles for just £280!!! Obviously expect them to be on the expensive side! 

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