Book Review: Chaos: A Wake Up Call for Lightworkers by Kimberly Maska

It’s been a while since I did my last book review post so I thought I’d let you know about my latest read by Kimberly Maska, who also wrote “Are You A Spiritual Entrepreneur?” (which focusses on raising our vibration to attract more abundance, and how to carry out your mission to help others and the planet).

Chaos: A Wake Up Call For Lightworkers is split into two parts, Awakening and Serving. The Awakening section talks a lot about the pandemic and how we are being asked to step up and serve at this time, especially to help those that are only just waking up and are struggling to stay in balance due to the media-induced fear and mass panic. I like how she mentions that when we are starting spiritual businesses, it’s normal for our conditioned-belief system to push back and questions ourselves as we start to do things differently (which can create a big vibrational wobble – I’ve definitely been through that recently).

In the Awakening section, keeping 5D vibration whilst creating 3D success is discussed in detail, especially as a result of COVID. I agree that the importance of getting out of fear, anxiety and worry and maintaining our balance and connection to Source is crucial in order to be a spiritual leader (mastering our vibration). Scarcity mindset is addressed as well as avoiding getting dragged into fear by the people around us (and how to respond to fear-based opinions). How can we help those who haven’t learned to master their vibration and are being emotionally impacted by the chaos?

The Serving section delves deeper into opportunities for growth, how to find and connect with soul-mate clients, how to create money vs earning it, how building your email list/community is crucial and how selling is serving (i.e not giving services away for free).

There’s some really helpful advice around charging our worth/giving our services away for free, which puts us into scarcity and feeling sorry for others (seeing them as helpless). Holding our vibration at this time means that we can succeed in the most difficult of times, especially when we embrace 3D actions like marketing and sales, as well as the spiritual stuff. Reframing earning money as creating money is really helpful is you struggle with limiting beliefs around money. It also made me think differently about lead magnets and other practical aspects of business.

There are also some links to helpful free training videos to help to work through money blocks, transcend sales, jump start your biz and attract soulmate clients (accessible by signing up to the email).

It certainly inspired me to carry on putting myself out there and believing in the work that I came here to do (be a bridge to help people out of the 9 to 5 and into spiritual business, especially those that have suffered with mental/physical illness). It only took about forty minutes to read on Kindle (£3.23) or the paperback is around £12.

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