Is Your Biz Feeling Stuck? Why Not Try A Spiritual Business Reading?!

You might have had card readings in the past for relationship issues, money problems or help with a situation at work. But what about getting some spiritual guidance when it comes to your business? In the beginning, we can feel like everything is a struggle as we try and get out there in front of our ideal clients. Trying to find a balance between marketing, working with clients, self-development and self-care can seem overwhelming. Or you may have been in business for a while and hit a wall. A business strategy reading can you help you to understand your current challenges and move forwards!

My business readings give guidance around the following areas:

  • Your strengths
  • Your blocks and how to overcome them
  • Short term and long term goals
  • Opportunities
  • Current challenges
  • Future energy

Often it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees if we’re running on empty, or putting lots of offerings out there but not getting much back. A business strategy reading gives you the chance to take a step back and get some perspective, get some reassurance about what you’re doing right, and some answers about what’s not working and why. You’ll also receive guidance on the energy of the next few months.

A recent testimonial from a client:

“The business strategy card reading with Debbie has provided helpful and clear guidance on the way ahead. She accurately identified blocks that were stopping me from moving forward with my spiritual business. This has helped me to manage my thoughts and emotions, and how to work moving from a fear-based mindset to a love-based mindset. I also know more about my strengths and gifts as a result of the reading. I now feel like I can take steps to build my business, fine tune my skills and serve my clients to the best of my abilities. Thank you Debbie for your help and guidance, and also for your courses which have really improved my confidence as I have so much more to offer my clients.” KS

Business strategy readings are just £30 and are sent to you by email up to 72 hours after booking.

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