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With more and more of us being guided to start up spiritual businesses nowadays, it can be frustrating to find that a lot of the information out there is still geared towards traditional business models. Yes, we still need to use a lot of traditional processes (I’m still waiting for a spiritual Facebook alternative, Steve Nobel has given it a go but there’s still a long way to go). But many of the ‘old’ ways just don’t feel, well, authentic. How many of us have been put off sharing our gifts because we don’t fit into the traditional hustle mindset? We can’t be on the go 24/7 – we give out so much that self-care and rest have to be a top priority. A lot of social media feels pretty icky (Twitter or Linkedin, anyone)?! I started to realise in my previous business that I was not a fan of a lot of the fear-based approach that many businesses take to get clients. So how do we do things differently and still be successful?

Luckily there are business books out there that are aimed at spiritual business owners, by authors that have done things differently. A lot of is it about our energy and mindset, coming from a love-based place and learning how to co-create with the Universe. Then we can decide on which marketing techniques to use and what feels authentic. Here are some books that have been helping me to let go of the old ways and start again with a strong foundation, that feels authentic and in alignment.

1.Love-Based Mission – How To Create A Business That Serves Your Soul by Therese Skelly

This is a great book to start with as it’s all about getting your foundation in alignment before you start putting yourself out there. Part of the Love-Based Series (no.4 below is also part of the series), she talks about how the entrepreneurial journey is a spiritual path – they do say it’s one of the best ways to experience massive personal growth. The book walks you through steps to gain insight into what might be holding you back and how to shift blocks that are stopping you from doing what you love and making a living from it. The author is a psychotherapist and a successful business coach. She tells her story of how she was called to apply for a coaching job despite the fact she didn’t have any experience, and how she had to let go much of her old life and habits as part of the journey, and surrender to what was wanting to come through her into the world.

2. Starting A Spiritual Business – Charlotte Anne Edwards

Have you done spiritual qualifications and you’re looking to make the leap into business? The author has compiled life stories, practical advice and inspiration from healers and therapists across the globe, many of whom have transitioned from 9 to 5 jobs to doing healing work. The chapters cover specific areas such as reiki, mediumship and hypnotherapy, as well as tips and practical/financial advice.

3. The Business Side Of A Spiritual Practice – Linn Random

Split into four parts, this handy guide focusses on marketing and PR for spiritual business owners. For me, Part One is the most useful, as the author talks about building the foundation – working through blocks that might be holding you back (such a massive part of being a spiritual entrepreneur), changing your money mindset, dealing with procrastination and self-sabotage and how to become better at manifestation.

Parts Two and Three focus on the marketing side of things – real world marketing, social media (some of which is a bit too American and not really applicable to most small businesses). Part Four has some helpful guidance on business plans and social media marketing calendars. It’s a decent all round guide for those who are totally new to self-employment, but for me doesn’t go deep enough on some areas. Still well worth a place on your bookshelf though!

4. Love-Based Online Marketing – Michele PW

I absolutely loved this – I bought it on Kindle and made a lot of notes! Michele has written a series of business books for spiritual business owners – there are two more on copywriting and another on abundance mindset. She goes into real depth about marketing blocks , why we have them and how to overcome them. There’s also in-depth information about marketing processes (launching products and programs) which is really helpful if you’re looking to scale up your business. The book includes a Love Your Marketing Assessment, which helps you to pinpoint your Marketing Love Factor and then helps you to create a Marketing Plan around the things that you love doing. She writes at length about the difference between love-based marketing and fear-based marketing, and how we can succeed without relying on ego and fear based tactics to coerce people into buying from us.

5. Spirit Means Business – Alan Cohen

The author of A Course In Miracles Made Easy, spiritual teacher Alan Cohen teaches us how our desire for spiritual evolution and business success aren’t in conflict but are actually linked in a powerful way. This book is great if you want to do deeper work on abundance mindset and work through blocks around prosperity. He shares the ten illusions that keep us from from connecting spirituality and prosperity, and shares stories from his clients who have worked through common challenges to being spiritual and successful.

Thanks for reading! Do you have a favourite book that’s helped you to move forwards with your business? I’d love to hear about it!


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