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Leave your troubles at the door of the Mineral House…

Somehow I managed to turn up to review a spa day at the Crowne Plaza and forget my swimsuit (that’s how busy I’ve been lately). Surely a sign that I needed some R & R. When I sauntered around the corner to the beautifully lit reception area and saw the pool, it registered that I was here for a spa afternoon. I’d been very focussed on the treatment (I was going to sample the delights of a thirty minute Germaine de Capuccini facial). 

Oh well. I soon forgot about my forgetfulness and started to relax in the extremely comfortable reception area. One of the therapists informed me there were mocktails and canapés available, which also helped to perk me up a little. The drinks were hydrating and delicious, and the canapés served on slate boards were sublime. I discovered that all spa day packages include two hours use of the facilities, as well as a classic cocktail and three delicious small plates from The GIN Bar (definitely a reason to come back).

The delicious cocktails and canapés 
It was nice to catch up with other bloggers and meet some new people before being whisked away from my treatment. The lovely Italian therapist pandered to my over-enthusiasm about learning Italian, and after starting off trying to talk all the way through the treatment I soon relaxed into what can only be described as pure bliss. I sampled a shorter version of the Classic Facial, which was tailored to my skin type and blew me away right from the very start. 

As an holistic therapist I tend to go into review mode if I try a new treatment, but here I just went with the flow as my therapist proceeded to apply a heated thermal compress to pressure points all over my body. It wasn’t just a facial, this is a completely holistic treatment which involves relaxation of the whole body, as well as advanced stretching techniques. At some points I was actually making aaahhh noises because it felt so good. The products felt amazing on my skin and the hot towels used to remove them added to the overall sense of relaxation. 

The therapy room was extremely calming, decorated in neutral tones with relaxing lighting. The massage bed was probably one of the most comfortable ones I’ve tried (and I’ve sampled a few). I was really taken by the textures of the products. My senses were stimulated by a variety of oils and an amazing perfume at the end of the treatment. 

I was really looking forward to using the facilities as I needed to get back into swimming again after breaking my ankle a couple of months ago. I also needed the jacuzzi and sauna after two massage crammed days, so the staff were kind enough to let me come back the day after which was a great way to end a busy week.  I adored the purple and blue colour scheme and lighting in the pool area, which instantly calmed me.  The jacuzzi was exactly what I needed – my aches and pains disappeared instantly and I didn’t want to get out! It was nice and quiet that evening and I had the pool to myself which was great. The sauna hit exactly the right spot and was the perfect way to start a three day detox. I will definitely be back regularly to use the facilities! 

I can’t recommend the Mineral House highly enough, and can’t wait to go back with my mum and my sister for a spa day soon! Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and amazing goodie bag! 

Find out more about the Mineral House spa here 

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