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North East exhibition celebrates 80s cult TV show The Tube

It’s mad to think that the biggest stars came to the North East in the 80s to be on The Tube – it’s a shame it didn’t stay on air! Presented by Jools Holland and Paula Yates, the show featured music industry legends such as Elton John and Paul McCartney, and also launched the careers of Frankie Goes To Hollywood and even Vic Reeves, who was on the show early on in his career. Even Madonna made her TV debut on it via a live satellite link!
The Tube was first shown on November 5th, 1982 (on Channel 4) and was on air for five years – viewers loved the rough and ready format of the show, which was often chaotic and explosive. Queues would form around the block of Tyne Tees’s Studio 5 on City Road of hopefuls attempting to see the biggest live acts, TV viewers would plan their Friday nights in around it. 

Expect retro mementoes, photos, press packs from the launch day and digital stories from those who used to work on the show. I have vague memories of watching it on TV and will definitely be going along to jog my memory about one of the trailblazers in live music TV. 

Click here for more information  – the exhibition runs until 31st March. 

Crazy fact: BA rescheduled its flights to accommodate the presenters weekly trips to Newcastle from the capital!

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