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Obsessed with fashion? Have you seen Lagerfeld Confidential?

As you may know I’m obsessed with Chanel. If I ever feel sad just looking at Chanel catwalk shows from the past instantly makes me feel better. I try to buy as many books as possible as well, but recently realised that I hadn’t seen the 2007 documentary on Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s visionary helmsman for thirty years now.
It’s a fascinating insight into the life of a man who works tirelessly to stay ahead of the game, and may surprise a lot of people. KL isn’t egocentric and bossy, he comes across as extremely generous (giving lots of presents out to reams of lucky people on his travels) and a little obsessive (check out all of his rings). It portrays a life that is constantly moving, yet rather lonely even though he’s surrounded by people. He has no airs and graces around his staff and seems like a dream to work for. He is hilarious in interviews and often mocks the interviewer for being unable to ask him difficult questions… Check it out if you love Chanel and hopefully they’ll do another one soon which features his adorable cat.




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