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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 RTW (Part 3)

I wish it would last forever but I fear I would catch Fashion flu and slowly die of envy šŸ™

Olympia Le Tan

oly1 oly2 oly3 oly4

Smiley models!

Magic tricks

Rabbits out of hat bags

Playing card bustiers

Heart lapels

Bunny girls

Magicians assistants have come a long way since Debbie McGee!

Velvet tuxedos

Sheer stockings

Comme des Garcons



The most bizarre show I’ve seen all season

Some of the model’s heads were completely covered!


Pushing the boundaries

Multiple armed knits

We all know Rei Kawakubo can do no wrong

The most oversized oversize jacket I have ever seen

Walking exhibits

Amazing wigs

I thought this was meant to be Ready to Wear! Not ready to scare!

Still genius!

Vivienne Westwood

vwe1 vwe2 vwe3 vwe4 vwe5

It was art. Enough said.

Where do you start?

Beautiful historical references


Huge top hats and tails

Feather in your cap

Eat your heart out Charles Frederick Worth!

Anti-fracking messages – Go Viv!


Peruvian tribalism

Typical VW sumptuous dresses

Andreas was their supporting her – jealous!


kenzo1 kenzo2 kenzo3 kenzo4

Twin Peaks/Lynch inspired

Shirt collars morphed into peplums

Tool creature prints

50s skirts over suits

Clashing vibrant prints

Crazy tops and black trousers

I’m going to have to do a Part 4. Obviously.

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