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Tatty Devine x Clio Peppiat – Take a Trip to Motel Clio!

Everyone loves a bit of Tatty Devine every so often, it reminds us to be playful and express ourselves via the means of bright plastic jewellery. I was excited when I read that the brand had teamed up with London designer Clio Peppiat – it seems like a match made in heaven as Clio’s work is fun, bold, unique and exudes an obvious sense of humour.  I met her at London Fashion Week last September and was instantly intoxicated by her zany appliques, colours and fabrics. Charlie XCX, Susie Bubble and Pixie Lott can often be seen in her creations and her clothes have already been featured in ID, Elle and Grazia. 

London Fashion Week was the perfect place to unveil this collaboration which goes by the name of Motel Clio – it’s sure to be a sell out. Tatty’s dental bling brooches have been reimagined in a pastel palette, the heart-shaped Motel Clio Bellboy badge embellished with pearls will look great on a bomber jacket or blazer, but my must-have item is the gorgeous marble effect mini suitcase adorned with lips, fags, matches and hearts. Get it in green or pink and rock it with your faux fur pastel coat.


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