Card Deck Review – Choosing Self-Kindness by Claire Sheehan

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d been inspired by some women I’ve met recently who have created their own card decks. One of those women is Claire Sheehan, who has created a gorgeous affirmation deck which is now a firm favourite of mine.

Claire got the idea to create the deck after delving deep into self-kindness and self-compassion work to deal with anxiety. She started to draw and created the illustrations to help her to practice and embed what she had learnt on an eight week Mindful Self Compassion course. She started to share the illustrations to inspire others, and then got the idea to create a deck after using the illustrations in her daily meditations.

The deck has 52 cards and all include original illustrations by Claire, which are charming and comforting. There are four themes in the deck:

  • Comforting, Cherishing, Caring Compassion
  • Conscious Clarity and Centred Calm
  • Connection, Contribution and Common Values
  • Can-do Courageousness

On the front of the cards is the main illustration and a mantra. On the back there are two related affirmations and a journal question. Four cards with instructions and ideas to use the cards are included. My favourite cards include:

  • “Focus on what matters” – helps me to get my priorities right
  • “I am safe, all is well” – very reassuring when you’re worrying a lot
  • “May I just be present with all that is today” – reminds me to feel all of my feelings
  • “Allow time for unfolding” – when I’m getting impatient that things aren’t happening
  • “Focus on the breath” – easy to forget to breathe properly
  • “Rest in the Universe” – gives me permission to have deep rest

Since the beginning of 2021 I have been using the cards daily, giving myself a one card readings every morning as part of my morning practice. I have had a lot of stuff coming up to heal and it’s felt very intense, so the cards have been helping me to be kinder to myself during this upheaval. I will often carry the card that I pull with me if I go out to remind me to come back to mantra during the day. I also use my card pull as a journal prompt for journalling practice, and use the deck when I’m doing in-depth wellbeing readings. I have created a notebook just for affirmations and I add the affirmations from the cards to it daily.

I feel really calm and peaceful when I use them as I know that I’ll receive accurate guidance that I need for that day, and I like placing the cards on my altar to remind me to come back to that affirmation when needed. I really like the artwork as it gives me a lift and helps me to look at things differently. I have also gone on to read some recommend books mentioned in the guidance cards which have helped me to delve deeper into self-compassion and be kinder to myself (Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff is excellent). Claire also recommends them for meditation practice.

The Choosing Self-Kindness Affirmation Deck is just £20 and available from Etsy (Claire also has other products available in her Etsy shop – check it out)!

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