Card Deck Review – The Essence & Energy of Money Affirmation Cards by Eloise Burton

I recently came across Eloise Burton’s abundance work – she is a Money Alchemist/Coach with a business called Fearlessly Feminine. Isn’t it funny how you ask for a teacher and the teacher appears?!

I have traditionally not had a great relationship with money – spending it as soon as I get it, not saving and generally seeing it as the root of all evil! I knew I had to overcome my blocks if I wanted to support myself and thrive doing spiritual work so luckily I found her Facebook group at the right time! I highly recommend it!

I’m loving the fact that so many women are self-publishing their own decks at the moment – it’s really inspiring to see! Eloise has created the Essence of Money Affirmation Cards to help us to discover and develop our relationship with money. So many of us have money blocks – (there’s never enough, people with money are bad, I’m terrible with money and I can’t change) many of which start in childhood as a result of the messages we absorb from the people around us, or previous bad experiences which leave us with deep-rooted negative beliefs.

The purpose of the deck is to help us to realise that money is a supportive and playful energy that can flow to us with ease, one we have cleared blocks and beliefs that cause us to push it away. The cards feature gorgeous inspiring images as well as a positive affirmation that you can journal around to see how it resonates, or if resistance is coming up around the affirmation. The card stock and quality is luxurious, they feel great and are just the right size to shuffle. I love the simple yet elegant grey box adorned with a gold mandala (this also features on the back of the cards).

I like the fact that there isn’t a guidebook as it means we can go deeper into our intuition and feel into what the card sparks in us individually instead of being given prescriptive advice. Eloise has included instructions with the deck which advice us to use the deck daily (you can display the card on your altar or carry it with you to remind you of its message). You can go through the deck and choose one the resonates with you, choose an affirmation that feels difficult and see if you can challenge why it makes you feel icky, or shuffle the deck until a card jumps or falls out (my preferred method).

Some of my favourite affirmations in the deck:

  • Money doesn’t always look like notes, coins or numbers in my account (it can also be something that you’re gifted, a discount or saving or abundance that comes in another way)
  • Money arrives in planned and unplanned ways (it’s easy to think that it’s up to us to dictate how money comes in, but what about leaving room for the Universe to work it’s magic)?
  • I know my value and am comfortable getting paid for it (especially poignant for anyone doing spiritual work who struggles to charge what they’re worth)

Images include luxurious swirls of energy (which look like liquid gold), a gorgeous image of a chain morphing into a bird flying free as well as golden crowns, hearts, presents and coins alongside more abstract depictions of energy.

I love that fact that the cards jump out quickly and are incredibly accurate, I’m finding that the card that jumps out for the day is exactly what I need to hear at that time. I feel like this deck has arrived for me at the right time, as I am planning on buying a house and have started a new business, so having a better relationship with money is definitely something I need to think about at this time.

The deck is £24.99 (plus postage) and you can buy it from Eloise’s website here

Here’s a link to an ASMR video featuring the cards so you can get a closer look!

I’d love to hear what you think about the deck and how it has helped you to make positive changes to the way you view money!

Debbie x

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