How I Got Into Oracle Card Reading…

As you probably know I’m an oracle card reader. I am so grateful for discovering these amazing guidance tools that have helped me so much over the last six years, and that have enabled me to help others too.

In around 2015 I bought my first deck, it was Daily Guidance From Your Angels by Doreen Virtue. I remember I was going through a difficult time – I was in a job I hated and was living in a shared house which wasn’t really right for me. I was down, and started pulling myself a card every morning with breakfast before I went to work. The messages really helped to lift me up and reassured me that everything would be ok. I no longer have that deck, I remember I gave it to a friend who was struggling (I think that decks make great gifts). By that point I was fascinated at how accurate the messages could be, when I saw the card it was often exactly what I needed to hear at that time, often making me gasp, laugh or shed a bit of a tear.

My first oracle deck

I think after that I bought a few more Doreen Virtue decks (this was before she denounced all New Age tools) – I bought the Romance Angels Oracle, The Life Purpose Oracle and her Angels of Abundance Oracle. I have to admit that I still use these decks in the majority of my in-depth readings. to be honest no one else has come up with better decks on these topics but I am willing to stop using them if more up to date decks are created! I still find their energy to be good. I used these decks for advice on my love life, work issues and more detailed guidance about my purpose, and also to work through my money blocks and work towards having an abundance mindset.

I honestly think that an oracle card deck comes into your life at the right time, either if you’re guided to buy it or if someone gifts one to you. Before the pandemic I used to go to my local bookshop (part of a big chain) which stocked oracle card decks in the Spirituality section, and hold the decks in my hands to see if I felt a connection to them. Since then I’ve acquired Kyle Gray decks, Rebecca Campbell decks, Alana Fairchild decks, Sandra Anne Taylor decks plus many others. There are many spiritual teachers out there creating decks for almost every purpose – for everyday guidance, for specific guidance on major life areas and also to tap into guidance from angels, archangels, unicorns, fairies, you name it and there’s a deck for it.

My card deck shelf – so many different types of deck!

We must remember that a deck is just a tool to receive guidance, and that by connecting with our guides and allowing ourselves to be an open channel we can receive help and guidance with all sorts of different things. I remind myself that this information is not coming from me – it’s coming from my guides, angels and other members of my spiritual support team. That is why I truly believe that anyone can read cards and read cards professionally, if that’s what you’re guided to do. I read cards for myself and friends/family for about four years, then I felt confident enough to work for a psychic line part time, where on a daily basis I would read for a wide variety of people on many different topics. This gave me the confidence to start offering my own in-depth readings professionally, and then start teaching oracle card reading to others. As you practice you attune your vibration to a higher level; it’s important to be patient with yourself as you learn and grow.

I worked on the line for about eighteen months, and pretty much had every issue thrown at me. I had clients from all over the world, regular clients that I would spend an hour talking to every week, clients that would sob down the phone about their relationship, people that were lonely, lost, shocked, confused and sometimes desperate. I had to be so careful about how I conveyed the message, usually if a card is negative there is always a positive spin you can put on it – it’s guidance to change things or let go of things that no longer serve. About 90% of the readings I did were relationship readings – well, all you need it love, after all! I was amazed that people didn’t want to know more about work and money. Yes, I did quite a few work-related readings but bearing in mind money plays such an important part of our lives, I was surprised that more people didn’t ask about it!

I often found myself starting off reading on one topic, then being lead to read about other areas to give a more complete reading. Often we have a main issue, but then realise that underneath that there are other underlying factors at play that are having an effect on the main issue. It’s so fascinating!

There are a few areas that I refuse to read on, such as serious health issues, pregnancy and legal matters as the consequences are great if you get it wrong. Yes, you can set your own boundaries so make sure that you’re comfortable about doing your readings.

Recently I have been guided towards women who have self-published their own decks, which is a dream of mine (the vast majority of decks are published by big publishing houses). They have made me realise that it is possible to put your own deck out there, so thank you to Eloise Burton, Claire Sheehan and Deanna Thomas.

I absolutely love the process of doing a reading, tuning into the guidance, the ritual of laying out the cards, sitting with the energy and then weaving my words into creating an in-depth explanation about the energies affecting my client, and how to improve things. I feel privileged to be able to do this work, and a great sense of satisfaction when a client resonates with a reading.

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My favourite decks

  • Sacred Self Care Oracle by Jill Pyle – I absolutely love the artwork and use this deck when I’m feeling low or tired to receive guidance on self-care (I also use this deck in my wellbeing readings)
  • The Quantum Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor – a great general energy deck
  • Work Your Light/Starseed Oracle decks by Rebecca Campbell – beautiful artwork by Danielle Noel and great decks for going deeper into the divine feminine energy and spirituality
  • Choosing Self Kindness Oracle by Claire Sheenan – a great self-published deck for when you need guidance on how to be kind to yourself
  • The Lightworker Oracle by Alana Fairchild – powerful guidance for those who identify as lightworkers and how to heal themselves and the planet

Some card reading tips:

  • Practice, practice, practice! Use the guidebooks that come with the decks – there are suggested card spreads in the front and more detailed descriptions of the guidance for each card
  • Use Pintrest to find new card decks and card spreads to try (I recommend Emerald Lotus Divination card spreads)
  • When you buy a new deck, welcome it to your space by putting it on your altar overnight. Use sage or incense to clear the energy of the new deck. Say a prayer with your new deck and ask it to give you accurate guidance
  • Start a card reading journal and pull yourself a card each morning for guidance, then record your thoughts in your journal

I would love to hear about your first experiences with card reading and your favourite decks!

Debbie x

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